Nature Park Preserve

Nature Park Preserve

Any remaining undeveloped property on the island should be a park! Whoever made this all happen did an outstanding job keeping some more of the Atlantic Ocean open to the public. This is the west entrance (or northwest) into the natural area. Go slowly down the boardwalk to see the critters.

As you cruise around the City of Key West on your bicycles, just keep your bike lock handy. You will want to pop in and out of cool places like this, and there are lots of sightseeing spots on this island. West Martello is really historic. There are many Community Parks on the Island.
Paulette O.

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Outdoor Locations

Be sure to wear mosquito repellent when visiting any of these gardens. The education center has several friendly volunteers to teach you about the forest. Guides are available to provide historical information and to answer questions. You can visit our Key West events calendar to see upcoming special events.

At the rear of the Oldest House is a large and peaceful garden. It has a good number of gardens that are open to the public. The garden is laid out in a series of loops. It is a very natural place, showing most of the keys plant species. Our events like the Midsummer Night's Dream Party are a hoot for the attendees. Try the sland City House Hotel for staying overnight.

Wanda S.

Nature Preserve

1592 Atlantic Boulevard
Key West FL 33040

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