A1A Scenic Bicycle Trail

Residents and tourists steadily cruise by on the scenic trail, made famous because of the awesome ocean views. The system is very popular, especially early in the morning and late in the day.

There is no shade trees to block the sun, so the area is more sparsely occupied during the midday hours. It only takes five or 10 minutes to get here from anywhere else on the island of Key West.

Do not be fooled by the reputation of Key West as a party spot. The warm sunshine and clear water just makes for the perfect way to enjoy the afternoon. During the hot part of the day, swing down south and enjoy the Snorkel Beach Park.

The bike trail system is just the best and we love to ride bicycles in a city that is so bicycle friendly. Tons of visitors also come here to take advantage of the sports and recreational opportunities available here on the island.
Cortez O.

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More Than Just a Big Party

Good job taking time to focus on more than the restaurants and Party Spots down here. It is the leisure activities we love and that is why many take the time to come and visit the Florida Keys. The entire stretch of Monroe County offers a variety of places for Kayaking, bike riding, nature watching, plus all of the marine and watersports.

Reginald B.

Top Things to Do in Key West

There is a really long scenic trail in Key West that is just the perfect place to enjoy the fresh air, ocean views, and to people watch. Yes, it allows you to bike or walk along the Atlantic Ocean with unobstructed views of the water.

Raymond S.

Riding Bikes in Key West

Went to the bike shop here to test some new bikes. I got to test the Globe. Just waiting until when they will be getting a new giant sedona? I have the last two versions of the sedona and really like the improvements they show on their website.

Tricia T.

Bathing Suits are fun on Bikes

Using the indoor bike to get fit for our Florida Keys Trip. On an indoor bike I can push myself much harder and get my heart rate going higher. If you get one, it would be nice if it looked really cool rather than a old fashioned eye-sore. The kind of everyone will want to try.

Verna V.

A1A Scenic Bicycle Trail

Bicycle DUI in Key West? Be on your game, as you can get in trouble, even a DUI. Yes, this is a kind of serious trouble. If you just keep it real and do not get crazy drunk. Nothing would be worse than getting caught over the alcohol limit on a bicycle in Key West. On a motorized vehicles you have to be really careful and go by state law. If you mess up, call Margalli Law.

Monty D.

A1A Scenic Trail

3500 South Roosevelt Boulevard
Key West FL 33040

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