Schooner Sailing on a Tall Ship

Schooner Sailing on a Tall Ship

What a trip indeed, the folks here really did something special by restoring this treasure. It is the last giant sailing ship built on the island, as that specific industry died after building this craft. in Key West, she marks the end of the era of working coastal schooners. A voyage on the Schooner Western Union maritime Museum is a unique opportunity to sail into history.
Jodie U.

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Super time on the Ocean Waters

Take in million dollar water views and savor the steady winds. It was great, an extraordinary Key West voyage.

Nadine Z.

Tall Ships of Key West

This is one of the better trips, we have gone three times over the years. Many of our hotel guests have taken our recommendation to go on this voyage, all positive too. I like the day sail, when you can see down into the water better than later in the afternoon. From the Palms Hotel, guests can bike over to the boat in about four minutes.

Kitty Z.

Sailing is a Key West Pleasure

The sunsets sails are really nice. I would do Mallory Square and the sailing trip if you are just here for two nights. You have to do both, one the dock and once on the water.

Edwin P.

Schooner Western Union

202 Williams Street
Key West FL 33040

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