Photo Guided Snorkel

One of the great boats you can take out for scuba play. Stop in or call ahead to set up a scuba dive trip here in Key Largo. If there are specific dive locations you are most interested in, just let them know when setting up the trip date-time. You can take a fun trip out to the reefs and the shipwrecks, it is amazing.

A lot of people like to focus on the upper Florida Keys because you can get down here so quickly from Miami Beach. I like this area around mile marker 103 as the snorkel and dive sites are plenty full. We focus on the weather, and picked the day were going to go out depending on the Wind Forecast.

I would recommend going to Google and search for the wind forecast for the particular day that you are gonna be in the area, and juggle your schedule accordingly. Every once in a while we just can't go out in the boats and have to fish from a bridge to get our water sports enjoyment. It's a lot better going Underwater.

The people that run this are extra special league good and very professional. It's nice to go out with the best of experts, for safety and peace of mind.
Sara P.

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Photo Guided Snorkel

You get the most places to choose from when you book your trip out of the Upper Keys. We most like going to Elbow Reef, Carysfort Reef, Spiegel Grove, Molasses Reef, and the North Dry Docks. There are more places, we love the zone.

Jo P.

Morning Scuba

We really had a nice time going out to tour the City of Washington Wreck. It is a good place and does not take long to get out by boat. Just wish you could spear fish those big goliath groupers.

Tobias F.

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