Low Fat Key Lime Yogurt

Low Fat Key Lime Yogurt

The key to the Key West Ice Cream Factory is the fantastic location on the dock pathway. We tend to always get at least one waffle cone per day when walking around the town. You get plenty of top rated places to get dessert in this city. Smoothies are the big draw with all the healthy focus on fresh fruit.
Earl D.

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Hot Fudge and Cookies

A good Florida Keys vacation needs a little hot fudge to drizzle on the cookies. They know how to make things really yummy. We have some really good kitchens in this town. During the vacations, we are not really looking for chef style meals rather quick food so we can stay on the go. This is for sure a good place to get your snacks and hit the road back out to the sightseeing. I'd love the sweet food they make and have to give them the highest recommendation. My favorite cookies include chocolate ginger, orange chocolate chip, strawberry linzers, ginger, fudge, strawberry cream, and oatmeal raisin. This little cafe is a lot better than Starbucks.

Emmanuel O.

Ice Cream Factory

201 William Street
Key West FL 33040

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