Seaport Reef Boat Trips

Seaport Reef Boat Trips

We just love the whole experience as the living coral reefs of the Florida Keys national Marine Sanctuary are in shallow water. Easy on your mind is going out to the reefs with a boat captain doing the navigation. This makes it easy to explore, even for beginners. Be sure to know the reef wave heights, so you can pick a low wave day to go. The snorkel trips are best with a nice calm and sunny day! Active vacation days are the way to smile while burning calories.
Annabelle R.

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Take a Reef Boat

I couldn't say enough about the opportunity to get out to the reefs. This boat was just the right size for a medium-sized group to get out and have a good time. I think you get more personalized instruction and safety care when you're in a smaller style boat and not in one of those big giant ones. The ladder in the back of the boat is how you get in and out of the water once you get out to where the captain stops. They have to find a spot on the reefs to tie off the boat as anchors are not allowed to be tossed in like a typical boat would do. Once the captain and crew get the boat securely tied to one of the reefs buoys, it is time to jump in. You can put your snorkel mask on first and take your fins down with you and put them on in the water. Putting fins on in the water seemed like the easier way to get in. We took a lot of Underwater photography during the time and they turned out great.

Dick O.

Sunny Days Reef Trips

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