Seaport Harbor Walk

Thank goodness the local political leaders had the foresight to build a giant public walkway system all the way around this fishing village. Locals call this Bight Marina, which is very famous for hosting Turtle Kraals, Half Shell, and the Schooner Wharf Bars. Nice sightseeing is just for starters as there is so much going on in this fantastic entertainment district.
Luciano E.

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Playful Cocktail Drink Locations

Such a terrific spot at the seaport walkway, we take the area in all of the time. The Schooner Wharf has a big party upcoming for the Bar Wreckers Cup. This is a boat race series and they race all the way to Sand Key.

Ray N.

Waterfront Walkway Park

This area has such a great boating history, just the coolest. I like the History of Diving Museum too, but nothing beats this zone here. We come down to do the flats, as it is mega solitude, tons of beauty, and shallow water everywhere. You get lots of sight fishing, which is neat. We catch lots of Bonefish, redfish, permit, tarpon, and sharks. What a hoot is this marine environment. We are very lucky.

Thanh C.

Learning about the Historic Seaport

This is a prime area for entertainment. We've been very fortunate and found this place on the first night. What a party zone, one of the better locations to Drink and Dine on this island. The history is just outstanding and we recommend Mel Fisher's Treasures, the Custom House, and the Shipwreck Museum.

Magdalena J.

Seaport Harbor Walk

100 Grinnell Street
Key West FL 33040

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