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As big fans of the Saltwater Television Show, it was such a pleasure to have a week-long vacation to Duck Key. What a resort stay we had, this is the home of one of the biggest resorts in all of the Florida Keys, Hawks Cay. The popularity of the outstanding fishing and marine life focused TV show has been so successful.

Yes, this is one of the most popular TV fishing shows that you often find on the sports channels on the weekends. You can learn so much about sport fishing. Rich Tudor and Tom Rowland are the hosts of the Saltwater Experience Television Show, which is broadcast nationally.

Taking video on the boat is not so easy with the wind noise. Such a good show is the Saltwater Experience. If you spend a weekend or more at the Hawks Cay Resort you are likely to run into the resident TV Stars, and we did. Fishing is about having fun.I have watched most of the episodes on the tube or online. These guys know how to fish with style!
Debora W.

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Florida Keys Fishing Show

Great TV show that does a nice job of promoting the true Florida Keys Experience. You will see the guys around town from time to time, very nice fellows.

Chelsey F.

Fishing Show

The show is great and gives lots of tips to help you out down here around the South Florida Area. We are always looking for more fishing resources, online videos, lodging deals, and fishing events. Your FLKeysToday website is very strong, best regards from the recreational fishing Alliance...we help recreational anglers, snorkelers, and anyone who cares about sustainable fisheries.

Stanford Q.

Professional Fishing Guides

The television show is sweet, and runs on the sun sports and the outdoor channel here in Florida. I have been watching Saltwater Experience for years, as it is the more entertaining of the Fishing shows on the air.

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Dianne Z.

Saltwater Experience

61 Hawks Cay Boulevard
Duck Key FL 33050

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