Shoreline Bait Catching Locations

Shoreline Bait Catching Locations

For those without a boat, there are plenty of good locations to get some live bait around this ten mile long island. In the middle of the island, Sombrero Park has some great bait catching spots on the extreme far ends of each side of the park boundary. On the northern end go out to the Coco Plum Beach Shoreline, it just can be more exposed to the wind. Big time bait and tackle is just up the road with all the fresh-live-bait you can ask for. Do a google search on: Marathon Florida Keys big Bait Shop, and big time bait is listed first. The big-k Kmart fishing store is another good live bait buying location, and the big-k sits next to Publix on us1.
Rachel L.

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Nice time along the Shore

A nice time along the shore could be now better than Sombrero Beach Park. We have had really good luck with easy free parking and there has always been room to park. They might have a parking problem with a special event, but day to day it is pick your spot. Stop at Publix at the turn to the park and get some sub sandwiches to make a picnic out of it.

Lisa F.

Sombrero Beach Park

One Sombrero Beach Road
Marathon FL 33050
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