Shoreline Fishing in the Florida Keys

Shoreline Fishing in the Florida Keys

QUESTION: Is it legal or illegal to fish from the shoreline in the Florida Keys? ? We are a family of four and want to put some corn on hooks and try to catch some off our hotel seawall. ANSWER: In short...Illegal, no you cannot legally fish from behind your house or hotel without a fishing license, with a bunch of exceptions. Once again, the government picks and chooses who gets the special exemptions, making a simple thing like fishing so complicated. For most people you have to buy the one day or the three day license, on sale at the tackle shops, Kmart, and Walmart.
Donte U.

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Florida Saltwater Fishing Rules

One of the important things or exceptions is for the Florida Keys Resident, which is true for Monroe and all the counties within Florida. Yes, the Saltwater Shoreline License is free (as of this writing) if you go to the trouble of applying for and receiving the Saltwater Shoreline License. Good for us that live here.

Toby F.

Fishing Regulations for the Florida Keys

There are so many exceptions and it is a huge rules list that takes too long to figure out. They have special things you might need like the Snook Permit (required even with the Shoreline license), Lobster Permit, and the Tarpon Tag. Definitely the fishing rules are way to long and complicated.

Susanne R.

Free Shoreline Fishing

I'm leaving now for Key Colony Beach. I have to stop at the bank in Key Largo and then I will be down. The fishing is great in July at the reefs. I have pot-luck snacks to add in with my slow cooker fish. The free fish you catch is a free bonus!

Raymundo H.

Shoreline Fishing Regulations

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