The Playful Pleasures of a Couples Hotel

Sometimes we just love to be treated like honor citizens and that is what we get here at Simonton Court Resort. On our other Key West Vacation Trips it was pack the car and drive into the action part of the city. Not here, just walk out onto the sidewalk and there is neat stuff in every single direction. We learned that the Mel Fisher Attraction Tickets are good all day, so you can re-enter the museum if you keep you sticker. They give you the sticker of the day on the way out.
Brant H.

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More Great Florida Keys Accommodations

Having gone through a comprehensive renovation, this hotel makes one fancy and stylish destination. This famous spot has chic rooms, great ambiance, and endless local attractions to explore. It is fun to stay and play in the city's center. Only a short walk to the waterfront, marina district, and fishing charters.

Cleveland C.

Great Vacation for Couples or Party Types

Nice spot and you can quickly get to the local bars and attractions at Duval and the Historic Seaport. Very Family Friendly too. Do not miss Captain Tony's Daily Drink Specials, they really do it right!

Hollis F.

Picking a Location in Key West

Tropical and in Old Town. Enchanting is the best word for a couples stay. It is a nice way to experience true Florida Keys bliss.

Maryann E.

Kitchenettes in Old Town

This was not listed on the hotel website. Inside the unit you have WI-FI internet connectivity? Can I assume the welcome package has the login information to make that connection? I guess everyone has WI-FI these days, maybe I do not need to ask.

Virgil I.

Simonton Court

320 Simonton Street
Key West FL 33040

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