Key West Award Winning Hotels

Key West Award Winning Hotels

Wow, did we love the vibe here. The place is all clean and tidy, no issues with safety or in room amenities. You walk to the fun, as it is near Sloppy Joes and the other fancy downtown bars. Good staff interaction makes a difference, plus the location is so sweet. I was told by a real estate agent that it is considered by city officials to be one of the most beautiful properties, and it is certainly a winner.
Dona B.

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Our four nights were top notch

The secluded world of Simonton Court will make you plenty happy. I am working on a couple of videos to show it off nicely. Walk to the party, as the property is located in the very heart of zany play...yes, Old Town. Higgs Beach is a nice bicycle ride away. No longer do we just do the main stuff, as The Other Side of the island has mega fun and sightseeing too.

Miquel G.

You are going to love the Hotel

Our hotel room was excellent and overlooked the pool area. Guests are nice and you will have so much fun with the watersports. If you like boating...the thing to do is the fun encounter with the dolphins. Commotion on the Ocean is the Booze Cruise, very fun. Pick your trip wisely, everything depends on the weather.

Caitlin B.

Simonton Court Inn

320 Simonton Street
Key West FL 33040

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