Marathon Florida Island Tour Rides

It was something I just had to try after seeing it fly past all day long while we were cruising around in the boat. What a pleasure to tour the islands by sky, just the neatest way to take a scenic tour. No scary, as I thought it would be. Very smooth and a true pleasure to do.
Kathy W.

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Big Fun is way High

It really has become a huge attraction here in the Florida Keys. The helicopter rides could not be better than here. You start to notice all the helicopters after just a few hours spent outside.

Wilma F.

Florida Keys Helicopter Tours

Not much is better than getting to see the islands from just a few hundred feet above. So enjoyable, but with the trill of a roller coaster at Disney Orlando! I have to say that this is One of the Better Things to Do on a beautiful day.

Kathy Q.

Flying High over the Islands

Just had to try the heli ride and oh my was it a sweet time up!

Archie C.

Florida Keys Heli

9850 Overseas Highway
Marathon FL 33050

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