Snorkel Boat Key West

Snorkel Boat Key West

You'll head out on a power catamaran boat and be whisked away to the Key West coral reef. Special it is to submerge yourself into an Underwater paradise. For the ultimate cool down book a Key West snorkel trip. See the reefs filled with a colorful array of wildlife including tropical fish, coral, reef sharks, turtles, and dolphins. Dive in to discover a spectacular biological wonderland and what a view. Snorkel trips include friendly crew, safety equipment and a selection of refreshing drinks.
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The Reef Trips

I think the reef trips are about the best thing you can do if you're an active couple. A guy and a girl on a date with the reefs, that's a pretty good day in my book. The journey out on the boat is really good. We are never in a hurry when cruising On a Boat with the ocean below us. A nice day makes it very scenic as you leave the port and had on your journey about six miles out to the reefs buoys. The snorkel boat will tie up once they get out there and then it is time to hit the water. You have to be on top of your game as you get in and out of the boat using the ladder because the water will be moving you around a little bit. Even if you have one or two foot waves, they do bounce the boat around and when you are climbing or descending on the ladder, be graceful and do it carefully. Some people like to take their snorkel fins off before using the ladder. Walk down the ladder with your feet and then hop off into the ocean, after that it is time to put your fins on and start Snorkeling. It's a lot of fun if you're in good shape and enjoy a fitness adventure. The disposable Underwater cameras were pretty darn good, so grab one before you hit the boat.

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Sunny Days Reef Trips

201 Elizabeth Street
Key West FL 33040
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