Sombrero Reef Snorkel Boat

Sombrero Reef Snorkel Boat

A lot of fun is a grand voyage out to do some snorkeling out at the Sombrero Reef Lighthouse. This historic trip is so economical with the spirit boat, for the joy and adventure you get. Check out the local weather forecast for Marathon in detail and make trip plans to pick the best weather day. Watch that weather radar carefully, luckily, it's almost always sunny and calm! I cannot say enough good things about the boat trips. The clear water makes everything so much better. If you are not Snorkeling, then you should be mapping your gps coordinates for the secret fishing spots like the Marathon humps. With light winds Go Snorkeling and with medium winds go fishing. Big winds means you get to pick between the best boater friendly happy hours!
Steven Z.

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Reef Trip Review

Great is an adventure on the water in the Florida Keys with the outstanding water clarity. We live in Cape Coral Florida, about four hours away and the water there is not nearly as pretty as what they have down here on these islands. Captiva Island and Sanibel Island are fantastic, but the edge goes to the islands of the Florida Keys for the best time out on a reef boat. You will get plenty of exercise on the reef tours, but you can take a break anytime you want just by simply swimming back to the boat. Nobody says you have to swim every moment that the boat is anchored. It is nice just to chill out on the boat and take some photography of your friends getting in or out of the boat with the big smiles on their face.

Adalberto Q.

Spirit Snorkeling

1400 Overseas Highway
Marathon FL 33050
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