Quick Service is a Big Plus

Quick Service is a Big Plus

Make sure you ask for a lot of the sriracha sauce. If you've never had an opportunity to try the sriracha sauce you are in for a great treat. This particular sauce is on actual chili sauce and is one of the really good things that is part of oriental seasoning.

Sriracha sauce is a mix of those hot chili Peppers, vinegar, garlic, sugar, and a little bit of salt. Most people will know it right from the side of it, the red plastic squirt bottles featuring a rooster. You will find it at every Chinese restaurant in Florida and probably most everyone in the United States.

Most steakhouses now feature the sauce and of course you have to try because it is just fantastic. Do not put it on too thick if you're not used to very hot jalapenos, which is similar. Make sure you have lots a water because the food is really good.
Avis N.

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Southernmost Chinese

Not all Chinese food is created equal, and here they are above average. While some restaurants keep to traditional dishes and recipes, here they have a nice focus on seafood. The menu has all the normal favorites. Quick service is a big plus.

Delbert A.

Quality Food at Reasonable Prices

I love the lunch special where you get a lot of food for the price, plus everybody likes fried rice felt they. Egg rolls are one of the best thing yet, for the they and put in the dipping sauce. I sure wish I knew how to make egg rolls good as they do. The vegetable with curry sauce and hot have a lot of flavor.

Big Taste is just what you are looking for after walking all day around the island. Locals go here to save over eating at pricey places like the Conch Harbor Marina Bar.

Mellisa Z.

China Garden

531 Fleming Street
Key West FL 33040

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