St Paul's Landmark

Some buildings just jump right out and catch your attention. St Paul's has been grabbing attention on Duval Street since approximately 1920. It is a beauty and there are plenty more on this famous road. Possibly the most famous is the Southernmost House. Personally, I am a big fan of the Custom House. We recommend the walking tour as the best way to see most of these historic beauties. Use your bicycle for any missed on the tour.
Solomon P.

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Great Things to See on the Island

Checking out all of the cool looking older homes and landmarks of the area is great fun, historically informative, and a free thing to do. Use your bicycles or just rent some from A&M Rentals. Swing by and see the Calvin Klein House at 712 Eaton, this octagon shaped house is just so unique and built in 1890s.

Betty M.

See the giant Royal Poinciana

Just look for the flowering Royal Poinciana that just makes the white color of the building match together so perfectly. This is one of the most beautiful properties in all of Key West.

Steven Y.

St Paul's Landmark

401 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040

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