Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open

The special things you can see in the Florida Keys have to include lots of opportunities to see both the sunrise and sunset! One of the best places is at Sunset Beach, which is at the tip of Key Colony Beach. We could not have had more fun.

That little park there is great and should be open 24 hours a day! I would not mind to take a time lapse video right there. Nice place and condo rental spot. Yes, the perfect place for the Beach Condo Rentals.

We picked the island here because of the wide variety of water sports and Weekly Rental prices far below Key West. Each day is all the good stuff: wonderful sunrises, fishing, and skinny dip diving! The Florida Keys Skinny Dipping Locations are important To know About. Do not miss the Key Colony Inn for dining.
Polly B.

Sunrise Florida Keys

1121 West Ocean Drive
Key Colony Beach FL 33051
More: http://www.keycolonybeach.net

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