Sun to Sand Gift Store

Sun to Sand Gift Store

The type of things you will find in here are so cool, and typically do not cost much. Very colorful is just about everything from hats, t-shirts, and all the wet wearables. Fierce competition for the dollars keeps prices nice and low.

Oh the Key West sweat pants are great, they spell it out right on the rear end! I need some stuff to wear on the Bike Parade.

Here is a good tip. Save your main gift buying until the last day or two, so you get to see everything and at the end pick up the best deals. For gifts, Make sure it is under five dollars!
Irvin R.

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Green Monster Energy Drink T-shirts

I recently was in Key West at your Store, I bought 3 shirts, they had the Monster energy drink symbol on them, I could not find a 3x in the Green color symbol, do you make them there, and are you able to ship them out of state? Would Love to have another one, a Black T-shirt with the Green Monster Symbol is what I am looking for, that has Key west on it too.

Jeanine H.

Sweat Pants with the Key West Logo

By the way, speaking of shopping spots, Target has some great sweat pants and workout shorts for sale. And since it is Christmas, the medium ones make for a nice gift. Target has nice things for sale. So does JCPenney and Bealls too, for a Miami Day Trip. I

Nita R.

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