Channel Five Bridge

Channel Five Bridge

This is one of the very special places to stop and enjoy the myriad of outdoor venues around the island of Islamorada. We tend to focus our days on the very cool sightseeing locations and after the Live Music Bars. Stopping for the view of the Channel Two and Five Bridges is a sure thing to make the video camera happy. This is a super spot. There is a nice parking lot at the bridge base.
Carmela L.

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Touring your way down to the Middle Keys

This is a neat area to tour with Craig Key and Fiesta Key paired up together. You get to see a lot of nature when visiting the southern end of Islamorada. Out here The Stores are no more, just the big ocean and lots of islands.

Forest I.

Pit Stops to see in the Florida Keys

Fishing is highly productive on out going tides in the Florida Keys. We like to stop and get our bait for fishing at the B&M Marina at mile marker 80. Live bait is so much better for fishing and you feel more like a local.

Kelly V.

Channel Five Bridge

71400 Overseas Highway
Long Key FL 33139

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