Good Spots for Couples

Good Spots for Couples

I tell everyone heading down to Key West that Marathon has a super flirty-couples beach. Take a thirty minute break and enjoy the park. When heading through the City of Marathon, pay attention to the street signs and look for the Kmart. Turn just past the Kmart, and go left on Sombrero Beach road. Follow the road down a couple of miles and this will take you to Sombrero Beach at the end of the road. We love the park because it is super clean. Watching the kayak paddlers will get you pumped up to rent your own. Marathon is lucky to have one of the best and most popular beaches in all of the keys. Come on down to the Shoreline, you will like it here!
Olive L.

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Destination for Marine Life

Thank you to the people of Marathon for making this fantastic Beach Park free, including the parking. Nice is spending a little bit of time along the Shoreline with your family or friends. The beach sand is white and nice, apparently they brought in the beach sand from some other location in Florida. I am a big fan of the natural beaches where you have the rocks and mangroves, plus plenty of fiddler crabs. Go to the end of the beach and that's where you're to see the marine life in a little tiny crabs. Extra nice is the children's Playground area with all kinds of neat swings and swirly things. If you have a kayak then this is the destination for you in the middle keys. The kayak ramp is a sandy beach area making it nice and easy to get in and out of the boat.

Rocco J.

Sombrero Beach

One Sombrero Beach Road
Marathon FL 33050
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