Channel Four Bridge

Channel Four Bridge

The people behind the bridge improvements really had the regular visitor in mind, they are super for sightseeing or fishing. You can see the larger fish and sting rays swim underneath the bridge since the water is vividly clear. Boats go zooming around the area keeping it entertaining as you cast your line. Perfect for a day around the water, Bridge Fishing is cheap and can be very tasty!
Arlie G.

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Bridge Structures are the secret to Florida Keys Fishing

What is great about the Florida Keys bridges is their age and marine life growth around it. Some of the bridges and related old structures are 100+ years old and they hold a lot of fish breeding zones. The sea life growth around the bridges means you are going to catch more than off your hotel pier. Cheap and easy is this method of fishing.

Joanna U.

Fishing at the Channel 4 Bridge Park

I like fishing off the Channel 4 Bridge, we have been there many times. The local fish habitat is very much drawn to any kind of structure, for the little fish to hide. Fishing is plenty good near shore and the man-made reefs are pretty remarkable to fish over. Use live and fresh cut fishing bait.

Gus S.

Channel Four Bridge

60600 Overseas Highway
Duck Key FL 33050

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