Truman Little White House

What a special treat and tour, with a powerful past. Having Mr Truman come and visit the City of Key West so many times was a big blessing to the growth of Key West as we know it today. Every presidential visit brought hordes of reporters, cameras, and photographers. This free publicity gave the city and the Florida Keys a big shot in the arm, helping it to propel on its journey to the island we love so much today.
Ray K.

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More to See in the Truman Annex

This two story building holds a lot of history. Do not forget about seeing the Presidential Gates, the entrance to the Little White House by Whitehead Street. They only open for presidents. Yes, it is true! Also in the Annex, check out The Weatherstation Inn. They offer nightly rentals, just a block down from Truman's house.

Herminia K.

White House inside the Truman Annex

Great area, just the most scenic around the island. Open during the day, at night it is lock up for only the residents.

Alvaro J.

Historic Little White House

What a special zone, and we love they way our city does preserve the historic contributing architecture in the city. In charge of the focus is the Historic Architectural Review Committee or HARC. Yes, it was put in place to protect the character of these buildings. Now all of the construction changes must follow the historic display.

Felix H.

Top-10 Cool to See on the Island

Very Entertaining, as we love the island's history. It is on my top-10 cool to see: (1) Shipwreck Historeum Museum (2) Ernest Hemingway House (3) West Martello Tower (4) Naval Station (5) Western Union Schooner (6) Martello Gallery (7) Aquarium (8) Smathers Beach (9) Truman Little White House (10) Robert Frost Cottage.

Jerald Q.

Little White House

111 Front Street
Key West FL 33040

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