Turn at Publix Beach

Turn at Publix Beach

For all those lucky folks vacationing in Marathon, you have the best beach for many miles. We love the time spent along the shore, but the Kayaking is really the thing to do. If you turn onto sombrero road next to the Publix and drive two miles, you can't miss it as the road ends. The water is prime and the kids can play on the swings. The volleyball court playing area is usually busy and the Kayak Launch always has someone coming or going. Expect to find a well maintained property that has it all for a picnic. Sombrero Beach Park is easy to find if you turn where the Publix grocery store is located at mile marker 50. This Beach Park is certainly at the top of the to-do-list.
Harry R.

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Beautiful Park on the Ocean

Go ahead and put this on your Marathon to do list. What a pleasure it is to pick your spot in a beautiful park on the ocean water. There's a few coconut trees right along the Shoreline that have nice shade. We always look for shade and that way we can last so much longer during the beach day. This is the beach where they have a lot of events, so it's a good idea to check the event calendar before you come down on vacation so you don't miss anything. I am curious to know if I am allowed to bring the spear gun and go Snorkeling away from all the people Near the Shoreline. I would totally wear your wet wearable shoes. You never know what you got a step on at a beach in the Florida Keys so having shoes on is the way to go.

Rolland R.

Sombrero Beach

One Sombrero Beach Road
Marathon FL 33050
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