Serving Seafood Platters since 1967

Our days on the island are only made better by starting off with the Banana Walnut Waffle Breakfast. What a meal with homemade belgian style, fresh bananas, walnuts, and hot syrup. If you are not coming down on your bicycles, you can take advantage of the free parking around the back side of the building.

Evening karaoke is a real hoot! Go here in the evening is completely different than during the breakfast hours or lunch. As you know this town picks up steam mostly due to the alcohol consumption. It's an incredible place to go on vacation and you're gonna be hungry, so why not pick a winner.

Of course are gonna want to eat at a lot of different places and during the day scooter bikini contest was one of the better food and bikini viewing scenes of all time. You always have to check out what's Going here next Week before you arrive so you don't miss any of the events. Bring your bathing suit and focus on the Key West Swimming Zones to build up your appetite and then head to Two Friends bar!
Todd R.

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Start with a Double Tequila Shot

One of the funnest bars in the evening for watching others make fools (most of them) of themselves. Many have had a few extra drinks as Key West brings out the best party types. It is so fun to dine and enjoy adult cocktails and watch the great show.

Cathryn T.

Serving Seafood Platters since 1967

Oh yes, this is a very cool place. It is my stop for breakfast, loving the bacon, mushroom, and swiss omelet. The Fried Fish Platter will really get you loving seafood more than ever. Big Platter and bold taste.

Doyle Q.

My Top Key West Restaurant List

You have to give them credit, as the Two Friend's Patio Restaurant is really a supreme place. Of course we always want dollar beer night and more two for one expanded hours. Others we go a lot to are: the nearby Rum Barrel, Michael's Restaurant, Turtle Kraals Bar, and Square One Restaurant. Please post our website url link, we are Two Fish Charters and our focus is Tortuga Fishing, lots of smiles are the aim. Big ups to our Key West bartenders!

Dylan H.

Top for Seafood Platters and Sandwiches

This is simply one of the nicest restaurants (trust me on this one) to have dinner, not just in Old Town Key West, but anywhere. A local tradition. The food is outstanding and lovingly prepared with a seafood twist. It has a happy hour, karaoke, and dinner menu. We are nearby: Cole's Peace Artisan Bakery 1111 Eaton Street.

Liz W.

Fans of the Open Air Patio Seating

We really enjoy eating breakfast at Two Friends Patio restaurant. They have delicious food and the atmosphere is really nice. They have open air windows so you can look outside and see whats happening on the street, and the interior is so cute. It's colorful in a classic Key West, island style.

Carey M.

Two Friends Patio

512 Front Street
Key West FL 33040

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