Kids and Adults are all Smiles

Kids and Adults are all Smiles

The big island offer numerous opportunities to rent private homes or condominiums. If your budget can allow, this is the type of place to stay. I like being in a good zone, and you will have a better time. If you go weekly, you should try to plan at least a month ahead to have the most choices.
Ophelia P.

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Private Villa Home

Picking out a real nice place takes a lot of homework. If you do a really good job, when you're on vacation, things will be a lot better for you. Make sure you get the amenities that you want. We picked a good one and were really glad we stayed here in this villa. Location is probably one of the very key elements, but if you have a bicycle or scooter it really doesn't matter that much on the small island. You see a lot more when you travel a bit away from Old Town and that is what we do For Sightseeing during the daylight hours. We tend to stick to the larger units as we are a family of four. This last trip was just two of us so we could get a smaller unit. Many of the rentals down here do sleep six, when you're in a private home. Lushly furnished is a really nice thing to have, so when you return it is cozy to relax.

Elena M.

Heather's Villa

909 Center Street
Key West FL 33040

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