Water Loving Family Resort

Water Loving Family Resort

Water loving families will be right at home at this lovely hotel. I have to rave over the swimming pier with stairs into the water. No other hotel has a pier for getting into and out of the water. Having an olympic size pool and white sand beach fronting the Atlantic Ocean is a dream. You pay a good price for the rooms as the ocean views are very nice indeed. We spent a lot of time out in the beach chairs and playing the backyard lawn games. Corn toss games are a nice touch, plus there are other games that I do not know the names. Kids will love having all the stuff to do around the pool. Adults have the cocktail bar to Get your Drink On. Let me go ahead and vote it as a nine out of ten, just outstanding. It cannot be said enough how cool it is for children enjoying trips out to the hotel's private pier and playing lawn games. Let me remind the ladies of the many treatments available at the resort spa.
Mina R.

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It was Magnificent

Going down the ladder into the water is a heck of a lot better when you can actually see through to the bottom. I like swimming in the Florida Keys a lot better than Daytona Beach. While Daytona Beach gets all of the waves, you cannot see what's underneath you because of the seafoam. They have so many sharks out there, but down in Key West everything is the opposite. It is a pleasure to stick your foot in the water, and make sure you have on your beach shoes. We spent countless hours around the Shoreline and on the rocks and that is where having wet wearables comes in handy. Especially younger children need to have on shoes that can get wet all day long. Even on the drive down the Overseas Highway, we would stop at various beach parks like Marathon beach and luckily the kids already had their beach shoes on to protect their feet from the rocks and shells. We cannot wait to stay in this hotel again, it was magnificent.

Billie A.

Casa Marina

1500 Reynolds Street
Key West FL 33040
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