Weekly Rental Key West Cottages

Weekly Rental Key West Cottages

Staying in the cutest ever condo cottages was a grand treat. The location is the big winner for everyone plus the super pool area. Inside the Truman Annex is the Foundry, Harbour Place, porter court, Mills Place, presidents lane, and the super cool shipyard. For those looking for a Weekly Rental, this is one of the very best picks in town. Each shipyard unit is two bedroom and two baths, with a nice patio and courtyard. It takes five minutes to walk over to Mallory Square sunset docks. The front guard gate entrance to the community is two blocks from Duval Street and one block from the Green Parrot!
Cliff F.

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One Week Rental Units

I wanted to stop and take a photograph and show you the inside courtyard area of the one-week condo Rental Unit. It was a joy to stay here, where we had one of the best vacations of a lifetime. This sidewalk is where we would ride the bicycles and go through as we started the journey's each day from the front porch and would navigate through the courtyard to get out past the guard gate. During your vacation stay, they give you this special code to the entrance gate on the side, so you don't have to go through the guard gate each visit. Bicycles are the way to go when you stay here inside the Truman Annex. It probably only takes about three minutes to get to Mallory Square I would guess. For coffee in a hurry, just a couple blocks down is the internet Sippin Cafe which has really good deli style food and all of the Coffee Drinks or go to the Cuban Coffee Queen.

Darron C.

Shipyard Condos

620 Thomas Street
Key West FL 33040
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