Fun and Interesting Bars of the Florida Keys

Fun and Interesting Bars of the Florida Keys

We thought it was going to be a local dive bar, but the Whistle Stop just rocks. The serve the frozen cocktails like Rum Runners in really large glasses and do not hold back on the strength. What a classic Florida Keys style bars that keeps its legacy going.
Marian H.

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Islamorada Picks for Bars

During our Week long Vacation in Islamorada, many of locals commented on the value of the Whistle Stop Lounge. Our visit one evening was just so much fun.

Raul E.

This is Tiki Hut Bar Paradise

There are just so many restaurants and cocktail bars in the city center that you will never do them all unless you live here for about six months. Many of the bars are behind hotels, little Tiki hut style places. It is great to try them all.

Stephan P.

Islamorada Beer Bars

In the back is the food and front side Shopping. The place to stop on US1 is called the World Wide Sportsman. Go with the fresh catch, as that will be the seasonal fish dinner when ordering at the restaurant. Great for families and Get your Drink On too. It is the sweetest place in town to drink with a view and the beer selection is complete!

Pat L.

Whistle Stop Pub

82685 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036

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