City Center Restaurant Winners

City Center Restaurant Winners

Very fun with alcohol and an atmosphere that's family friendly. The bar is fully stocked with imported and domestic beer, and the frozen smoothie cocktails. They have both a happy hour menu and a great late night menu. When you need to get off your feet stop here for lunch with the kids. It is the coolest place for breakfast with the chickens. It is a nice restaurant for a dinner date or drinking beer with your buddies. There's a patio for sun soaking or relaxing in the shade, and the patio is heated in the winter. This place serves great breakfast and it is an all day party side it is Open Late Night.
Judith G.

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Desserts are Outstanding

Oh my goodness, the Key Lime Pie is prime time. The Blue Heaven Restaurant recipe tops the pie with meringue on a Graham cracker crust with freshly squeezed lime juice. We have been here countless times and I have to say a lot to good things about everything especially the kitchen. This is one of those restaurants where maybe you just come here for dessert and coffee sometimes because the desserts are outstanding. Let me brag about the belgian chocolate torte, which is splashed with raspberry coulis and served with whipped cream. You can stop at a little shop that's adjacent to the main dining area to pick up all kinds of gifts and full pies. The famous Blue Heaven does have full pies ready for you to take out any time at all just stop in at the store. I am a big fan of the way they make the sweet potatoes and the herbed red potatoes. No matter if you get seafood or one of the beef entrees, I would get some of their homemade potatoes. All of the main dinner courses are served with fresh hot vegetables and really good baked cornbread. Even the orange juice here in the morning for breakfast is better than I've ever tasted.

Glenn Q.

Blue Heaven

729 Thomas Street
Key West FL 33040
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